there once was a party.

18 Apr
It started here.  An article I found online made claims that the dinner party was dying.  Think about it.  Are you more apt to go to someone’s home for a fancy dinner or meet friends at a restaurant?  If you are normal [always debatable, right?] and stand with the majority of society, chances are you do the later before the former.  
The dinner party is dying because of you.  
[Like that twinge of guilt thrown in?  Thought you would.]
I posted that very article to one Lauren’s facebook wall on the first of March.  Comments followed from Megan, Cassie, Marie, and Amanda.  We vowed to not let this death continue or to at least bring about a resurrection.  [It is nearly Easter.][Bad seminary joke?  Yup.  Maybe even a little distasteful?  Probably.]  Thus began the plans for our very own dinner party.
The location was settled and menu planned.  
Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were decidedly key parts of the evening.
Guests were invited and dress code established.  
This past Friday, our dream came true.  It was the grandest of 1960s-style dinner parties.  Cocktail dresses, lamb, cosmos, bowties, shrimp cocktail, wine, and baked alaska.  We spent our evening in style and in great company.  Fun was had by all around the table that seated eleven.   
No group pictures took I but these photos will give you a taste of our elegant evening as we saved the dinner party from further death.
Joel and Melissa.  Shrimp.  Cheese.
The men gather, sadly without cigars.
lamb, risotto, carrots, and asparagus.  (not pictured: delicious salad course.)
dessert: baked alaska with Lauren’s delightful
personalized center pieces in the background.

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