Things that distract.

25 Apr
After listening to the thesis song approximately forty-seven times and engraining it in my brain, my thesis is in a pretty good place.  I’m pretty confident about the pages written and what is left to do.  The problem is that I don’t move forward.  It’s due on Friday but I keep finding distractions.  I give myself obstacles.  If I’m going to do this thing, I might as well make it hard for myself, right?  [Like the Warrior Dash.  If you’re going to run three miles, might as well make it more of a challenge.  I secretly kinda want to do it.]
Obstacles like buying the first season of Modern Family on dvd.  It is no joke when at least seven unrelated people have told me to watch this show and that I would love it.  The final straw came a few Wednesdays ago when one of the ladies in my confirmation group told me I must start watching.  Oh.  I’ve started.  And now I can’t stop.  They were all right.  It’s way too funny.  [Only one disc left on season one and then, I was informed tonight that all of season two is available on hulu.  Trouble.]
Then I was naughty tonight.  My kindle and I have a love affair at the gym; I try to only allow myself to read for fun if I’m moving, a la walking to/from class [I’m that girl, nearly tripping with her nose in a book; a return to my childhood when Nancy Drew and The Babysitter’s Club were my constant companions.] or on the treadmill.  That rule royally failed last week when I bought Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.  His method of writing and ability to draw you in and not let go always leaves me in awe.  I took that book home over break and now, within a week of buying it, it’s done, with most of its pages being read in bed or on the couch.  Next, The Hunger Games.  I’ve been warned by many that this book [the first in a trilogy] is the same – you’re unable to put it down.  Way to go, Stolen.  [I upload it to the kindle app on my phone too – see photo – so when I’m without my kindle, I can still read … again, I’m that girl.]
Thursday night – you know, the night before my thesis is due – I signed up to take a truffle class through St.Paul Community Ed with gal pal, Melissa.  From 6 – 9pm, we’ll be learning the how-to of chocolate truffles and are promised to bring at least two dozen home with us.  It would be in your best interest to find me on Friday. 
Further distraction: This.  Blogging.  A happy and needed distraction, but done now.  Onto the thesis.  Or unpacking.  Or maybe the gym with Mr.Kindle.  Or perhaps an episode of Modern Family which will inevitably turn into four …

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