lindsay day.

30 Apr
I love days like this.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had one and it will probably be awhile until I have one again.  A Lindsay day.
I learned to appreciate Saturdays like this while on internship.  Days where I’m expected to be no where or do anything.  [I was to spend time with M. tonight, babysitting, but unfortunately there is sickness in their house so playdate will have to be postponed.  Playing with M. would have been a great capstone to a Lindsay day.]  Days where I can play catch-up on enjoyable things.  Now that the thesis is done, I am fully taking advantage of such a day.  [Is there more homework I should be doing?  Oh my goodness, yes … but it can wait.]
I went to bed late last night [actually fell asleep while watching Modern Family right around 2am.  woke up at 3am to turn off Modern Family.] and slept in late this morning [late for lindsay = 9am], an easy task considering the rain and gloom outside.  [which, sidenote, I really enjoy.  I turned on my bedside lamp to write a few thank you notes but otherwise, no lights on in this apartment.  I like the dark.]  I caught up on my tv viewing, watching more Modern Family and last week’s Glee.  Old fashioned oatmeal and coffee.  
I’m cleaning the coffee maker using Martha’s technique and giving the kitchen a thorough cleaning.  Spending time in my crafting corner and blasting the ipod.  I’ll go to the gym and read my kindle.  Seriously considered an outing to the Minnesota History Center for the George Washington exhibit, but I think I’ll wait for a Tuesday night when admission is free.  I’ll probably tidy up my bedroom, craft some more, and watch a movie.  It’s a deep breath before the storm that will be the month of May.  
Good day, Lindsay.  Good day.

One Response to “lindsay day.”

  1. Lauren May 1, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

    Dear Lindsay: can we please have a Lindsay, Lauren and anyone else who wants to come Tuesday evening at the History Center? Sincerely, Lauren

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