a quilting mystery.

4 Jun
Our house is a busy place.  I moved in a few days ago, my sister graduates tomorrow, and a graduation party is slated for two weeks from today.  Just for kicks and because my mom isn’t busy enough already, let’s throw hosting an auction on the calendar.  My mom is looking to downsize a lot of antique furniture, collectables, and the family is throwing in some other odds and ends.  [You know, tractors, an old car, and guns.  Yes.  Guns.]  The auctioneers visited this morning to makes lists, take photos, and get things in order for the end of July.  That meant that last night I was helping Mom carry, organize, and find treasures in the basement.  
There has been a lot of “Lindsay, do you want this or should I sell this?” going on in the process.  I’ve inherited a bed set that once was my Grandpa’s when he was a kid, living room furniture, and a rocking chair that was given to my mom by her grandma [or something like that].  And then last night, we uncovered a quilt mystery.  
My mom and dad used to go to lots of auctions themselves and, in addition to buying furniture, my mom would buy antique quilts.  Sometimes, there would be unfinished quilts or quilt squares.  Old, antiquey quilt squares. We came across some quilt pieces last night.  “Lindsay, do you want these or should I sell them?”  Heck yes!

These quilt pieces are awesome – yellow and orange – and far more intricate than I would ever make squares.  I think they are super cool and old looking, and I would love to make them into a quilt.  [Especially since the hard, delicate work is already done!]  There was also an envelope with the quilt pattern … or such.  The pattern doesn’t have all pieces accounted for so I guess I design the quilt how I want.  But, as I ironed them last night, stains began to show, especially on the orange.  And then I began to wonder how I would ever sew them together without the points of the triangles [particularly in the long rectangular pieces] being lost in the seam.  Is it worth it to try and sew it together, now with the stains that appeared? [Please tell me yes!]  And if so, how?  Help, quilters, help!
[I’m actually quite uncertain that anyone who reads this quilts.  But humor me just this once?]

One Response to “a quilting mystery.”

  1. Lauren June 5, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    Stains, shmains…they add character…quilt it!! I think its a great idea–and could you quilt it with the seams a little less secure, i.e. more triangle, less seam? I can't wait to see your great not-auctioned items! We miss you…sending hugs!

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