14 Jun
I’m just not sure where to start, blog readers.  I feel like we’ve been apart for so long and much has happened …
Let’s start with s’mores.  
I met favorite friends, Joel and Melissa, in Black River Falls on Thursday evening for dinner at Culver’s.
Then we both drove the two and half hours back to our respective homes.
Then we drove to the bat cave, aka my family’s cabin hidden in the woods.  The grand plan was to stay for two nights, sandwiched between a trip to America’s largest waterpark, Noah’s Ark.  Our plans were changed and, in a funny way, saved by this crazy weather.  Being so sickly hot earlier in the week led to temperatures in the sixties by the end of the week.  While this foiled our waterpark plans [65 degrees and possible thunderstorms was not ideal for water slides and wave pools] it made for wonderful cabin weather.  Cool night, perfect for campfires, and huddling in a sleeping bag.
And s’mores.
We still went to Wisconsin Dells on Friday but without our suits.  We explored, tasted cheese, and shopped at the outlet mall instead.  It was still a top-notch day, even if it didn’t include sunscreen and lifeguards.  [Lesson learned: The Dells is still a tourist trap.  My dad was right.  Even the Bavarian village was marketed as a joke.  Glockenspiel splocenspeeel.]
It was great to spend this time with J & M because come Sunday night [after we both drove back to the Cities in round-about ways] after our friend’s, Paige, ordination, we had to say goodbye.  Like the for real kind.  It’s beyond a doubt in my mind that we will meet again but the question remains when.  Because these friends, originally from WA and ID, are on their way home and to be soonly serving a congregation in Montana.  I’ll be in southeastern Minnesota.  Sad.  
These are my rapping friends, if I need remind you.  Before I left St.Paul the first time [a la two weeks ago] I was treated to another rap.  About me.  By J & M.  [“your wit is the shit/I can’t believe I just said it/you quote perfectly as your mind races through shows and movies so seamlessly/the expressions on your face/well they can’t be replaced/so get up and dance so endlessly/you drive and you sing and you do your thing/the people you meet/it’s been quite a treat/you are a great friend/may this never end”]  I don’t rap.  Or sing.  But I hope J & M know that I think they’re beyond pretty neat.  A great team and awesome friends.  And I hope they send me their new address pronto.  Because while I’m not musical, I can be a good penpal.  
In short and in lieu of painful conclusion, know that tearful goodbyes were said but with the confidence that this will never end.  
ps goodbyes suck.

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