macarons hate me.

15 Jun
Is it something I did?  Is it my baking attitude?  Do I whip you too long or am I too careless in adding ingredients?
Tell me because we’re getting no where like this.
Seriously.  Just be honest.  I can’t stand the constant attempts and trying on my part with such unrewarding, not-so-pretty, and just ‘eh’ results.  
Help me help you become the best cookie you can be.
I failed again, macarons.  I used a hand-held mixer this time to beat the egg whites; I think that helped.  But somewhere after that, I pissed you off.  You spread too much on the silpat and then never baked with the proper macaron ‘feet.’  Where were your feet?
What the heck, macarons.  What did I ever do to you?
‘macaronsbyjane’ on twitter [who I’m just going to go ahead and guess knows something about macarons] randomly tried to help me out with my failure.  She recommends a kitchen scale to weigh my ingredients.  
Okay, macarons.  I’ll carefully weigh your different parts next time.  But if you still don’t turn out for me, this relationship will be revisited.  We might need some time apart and my infatuation for you may drain. But I hope it works out; I feel like we could have something special.  *french cookie/person embrace*

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