Lindsay + July = Snail Mail.

27 Jun
Gandolf likes to say that it’s not how much time but what you do with the time that’s given to you.  [Literally just heard that line at the end of Fellowship of the Ring.  Onto Two Towers shortly.]
Today, with the time alloted to me, I ran errands for both my mom and my grandpa.  [My grandpa stopped by for a mowing break.  I think he really just wanted a cookie; it was snack time and he did enthusiastically accept one when offered.  A few of these are in my freezer right now.  He heard I was going to Stoughton and asked if I would check on his string trimmer which was at a hardware store for repair.  Sure, I said, and then sure enough, it was done with repairs and ready to be taken home.  When I returned to his place to hand it off, he was outside trimming a tree with a chainsaw.  Mind you – he’s 90.]  I watched the tail end of a Lifetime movie and an hour of How I Met Your Mother.  I took two walks – one solo and one with a friend – and quilted.  Now I drink wine, eat popcorn and write to you.
Without anything really on my agenda, I managed to fill my day fairly well.  It was one day – I fear a month or two of nothing really on my schedule will begin to get to me.  Thus I launch a blog post series I like to call Lindsay + July = _________.
In this first installment of the series, Lindsay + July = Snail Mail.  I enjoy sending snail mail – letters, packages, very large playground balls, etc.  I try to do my best to send a piece to many different people at various times during the year and am the post office’s loyal patron.  Sometimes, I get busy and utterly fail at sending mail for a few months.  Other times, I’m pretty good.  I like doing it and I think/hope it brings joy to the person on the receiving end.  [I received a graduation card from my Washington friend, Kari, today and it made my day!]  Therefore, in the month of July, in the hopes of spreading joy and filling my time, I will send one piece of snail mail on each day the US Postal Service offers delivery.  [For the month of July, that will equal 25 pieces of mail.]  Some days it may be a handwritten letter.  Another day it might be a post-it puzzle for you to assemble or maybe even cakepops.  It’s going to be a wild card game here, folks.
Here’s where you come in.  Do you want some snail mail?  Jump up and down and yell, “Me! Me! Me!” [or, if I can’t see you as you do that, write it in the comments.  or tweet me.  or fbook me.]  Also make sure I have your current address [send me an email if I don’t] and then I pinky swear promise you can expect from me a piece of mail in the month of July.  I can’t wait to write to you!  [Or send you a really creepy piece of art that I buy for a quarter at a garage sale.]

2 Responses to “Lindsay + July = Snail Mail.”

  1. Kara June 28, 2011 at 3:22 pm #

    Can I please get the creepy art? Please? It would make my day to arrive at the post office and have mail from you (regardless of whether it's the creepy art). I'll even display it proudly in either my new office or in the living room…

  2. ourlittlesliceofhappy June 28, 2011 at 7:43 pm #

    You should be receiving some snail mail from Dawson in a couple days. Carter always loves finding something from his pen pal in the mail box!

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