that kind of day.

30 Jun
It’s a I-miss-the-Cities-a-lot kind of sad day.
It’s a I’m-having-lunch-with-a-friend-in-Madison kind of happy day.
It’s a I’m-super-stoked-to-check-out-this-speciality-baking-shop-I-heard-about kind of excited day.  [Vanilla Bean // I’ll let you know how it is.  It opens at 9:30 and I’m currently two blocks away at a Starbucks.  I’ll wait a reasonable amount of time after they open; don’t want to seem too eager to explore their edible confetti and sanding sugars. *cough* crazy lady *cough*]
It’s a humidity-go-away kind of complaining day.  [aka a-big-hair kind of day.]
It’s a learn-to-protect-yourself kind of drill day.  [What if they come at you with a garden trowel?  Steal your socks?  Climb in your window?  What will you do?  Not all gnomes are as kind as Dawson gnomes.]
It’s a I-have-nothing-on-my-calendar-until-July-10th kind of whining day.  [which leads to a I’m-going-crazy kind of day]
It’s a I-really-really-really-miss-my-seminary-friends kind of sad day.
It’s a I’ll-think-about-getting-my-oil-changed-but-won’t-actually-do-it kind of procrastination day.
What kind of day are you having?

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