bulletin: complete.

20 Jul
It was a big day in the world of ordination planning for this girl.  Knowing that the bulletins need to be printed tomorrow meant buckling down on the project that has consumed my life.  Picky and particular about spacing, layout, and fonts, I spend way too much time on things like this.  But I was also able to add something to the bulletin today which was quite thrilling for me –
Special music.  With word this morning that the entire staff of Grace in Dawson is coming [enter jumping up and down, a three-fold amen, or something to signify the excitement], I realized I had both a talented piano man and strong voice to put to use.  Last minute, I know, but I’m super excited that Chris and Jon agreed to do a music piece for the offering.  [Likely another moment I’ll cry during the service.]
I made lots of detail phone calls today.  I spoke with the woman of the church who is putting together the reception that follows.  She wondered how many to plan for at the service.  75?, she asked.  I said, well, with my family and friends from outside the church alone, I bet we’re looking at fifty.  [Fifty?!  I’m so excited!]  I spoke to Red Oak Grove [check out this strange looking girl on their website] to learn if they were or were not coming to present me.  [Answer still unknown.]  Facebook messages, emails, and texts were sent and received, all leading up to a fairly concrete and appropriate service, neatly arranged on four sheets of folded paper.  To the printer tomorrow and then I won’t look at them until Sunday for fear of finding a typo.
It was a great check-things-off-the-list kind of day and simply a day to get extremely emotional about what is to come.  I spoke to Tammy on the phone and she told me, “I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!” Me too!  My red stole [sewn by my mother] hangs on the door to my bedroom and as I look at it, I realize I’m trapped in a glass case of emotion.  One minute, it’s tears.  The next, pure unhinged excitement.  I can’t stand it!
[I also went to Madison for a haircut.  Baked a batch of cookies.  Went swimming with the cousins whom I picked up from daycare.  Made cakepops with Aunt Kari and cousin Connor for his grad party on Saturday.  Long day.  Exciting day.  Time for night-night.  Sleep well.]

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