in other news –

31 Jul
Molly and I made an impromptu tie blanket with fleece I had laying around.  She loves it.  Can’t you tell by her facial expression?

I babysat for cousins Drew, Logan, and Kennedy.  Besides not having the motherly touch to put Kennedy to sleep, we had fun.  Kennedy, like EVERY other baby that age, has discovered my mole.  The huge mole that’s next to my nose.  Babies always find it and touch it and then it looks like they are putting their fingers up my nose.  [which sometimes happens too.]   Drew, Logan and I played catch.  Drew throws hard; I think my wrist might be swollen.

I like her onesie – “I still live at home.”  I should get that in a tshirt.

this is right before she lost her balance and fell over.  both legs on the floor, babe!

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