literary creation.

5 Aug
How in love am I with this idea?
Thank you, npr.
“… the world [is] more than a place.  
Life [is] more than an event.  
It [is] all one thing, and that thing [is]: story.”
photo credit due here.
The author continues to write that if life is all a story, then we are the narrators.  But in order to be narrators, we must be attentive.  We have to wake up and listen.  To look for a story in unlikely places and then take the time to share what we saw.  He compares the world to a library, lending and sharing stories to those who take the time to check them out.
That’s one thing this blog does for me.  I see stories and deliberately take the time to narrate them.  It’s my virtual scrapbook and journal.  I take note of the things that happen and write them down to share.  I find joy in rereading the stories from weeks, months, and years past but also find happiness in knowing that these stories are shared and enjoyed by others – by you.  But now I must ask – how are you being attentive and sharing your stories?  Blogs, raps, haikus, letters, napkin notes and posters on the wall.  Be creative in your sharing and live your own life as an act of literary creation.  Eyes open and pen at the ready … ready? set? live.

One Response to “literary creation.”

  1. cassination August 5, 2011 at 11:08 am #

    you are also having phenomenal practice at writing engaging, relevant "from the pastor's desk" for newsletters! :)that is one reason i started blogging- to be attentive, to stretch my creative muscles… but well, i suck at blogging regularly. 😛

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