[AAA] Fears.

8 Aug
It’s getting real, folks.  There are moments when I think, “I can’t wait to get on the road and drive to the last frontier!” but then there are moments when I think, “Holy sh**.  I’m going to drive to Alaska?!”  I tried to find a companion but it looks like I’m doing it solo.  Most of the time, I’m okay with that.  [Honestly, the thought of sixty hours in a small confined space with one person – the same person – gives me hives.  Curse you, introvert.  How I’d ever be married and survive it I don’t know.]  But sometimes, my mom sneaks into my ear and I worry that doing it alone is risky. 
I put official AK plates on Betty this morning.  She’ll love the last frontier; I just know it.
It doesn’t much matter one way or the other.  I have a plane ticket and thus need to be in Anchorage by August 19th.  Drive to Alaska I will.  But not without a few fears [irrational, silly, and other] –
Car trouble.  Dear God, please let nothing go wrong with the car.  Amen.  [Feel free to repeat this prayer for me over and over and over.  And over.  I’m at the car dealership right now and Betty is getting checked out.  I’m confident, barring any unforeseen circumstances, she’ll be healthy for the trip.]
I hit a moose or mountain goat.  [My friend, Allen, challenged me to take a picture of every moose I see. Challenge accepted.  That’s probably how I’ll end up hitting one.]
I get halfway into North Dakota and go crazy, asking myself why in the heck I ever signed up to do this.  [I don’t think this will happen.  Well, at least not until I reach Alberta.]
Border crossing complications.
The radio fails to work.  [Sprocket’s radio blew a fuse again.  I have no music there and deal.  But 60 hours without music or podcasts or audiobooks?  Oh man … I’m getting hives again.]
I start to get tired of driving and want to stop for the night but the next hint of civilization is 100 miles down the road.  [I guess that’s when I would pump Party Rock and jam out.]
Fears aside, I’m excited too.  I’m excited for an adventure, to see Canada, to have a bit of a find-myself accomplishment, to see Jetta [my brother’s dog], and to see this place my brother loves living.  I’m also excited for cooler temperatures.  I’m packing cardigans and scarves and so excited to wear them.  [It doesn’t take much, folks.]

2 Responses to “[AAA] Fears.”

  1. afterthechapel August 8, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    Do you know how many kids days you are going to make? You are going to finish off a lot of games of Licence Plate Bingo. AK – NO WAY!

  2. cassination August 9, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    be sure to bring headphones, so if the unspeakable does happen [*cough*radiogoesout*cough*] you can listen to music on your phone [sure, it's illegal- but do you really think you'll encounter much traffic…and if you only put it in one ear…?]

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