[AAA] The end.*

20 Aug
5.5 hours in a car to Anchorage
5 hours on a flight from Anchorage to Long Beach, CA
[enter five hour layover due to a delay – this is where I am now]
5 hours on a flight from CA to O’Hare
2 hours on a bus from Chicago to Janesville
15 minutes in a car to home

Add that all up and it’s still a shorter way home than my way to Alaska!  That’s what I told the woman who checked me in when she said, You’ve got a long day ahead of you.  Yup.
Ben, Kim, and I headed to Anchorage around 5pm last night and, upon arrival, ate a late dinner of pizza at the Moose’s Tooth.  [dee-licious spicy thai chicken pizza]  Speaking of a moose, I saw one!  Finally.  On the drive to the city, a moose and a baby crossed the road in front of the car ahead of us.  I didn’t get a great view and – like the bear – it all happened too fast to photograph, but I feel comfortable leaving Alaska now that I actually saw a moose for real.  Not stuffed.  For real.
From dinner, they dropped me off at the airport and while I went through security and checked my bag, they headed off to where they are staying for the weekend.  [long story short – with a cousin of ours’ girlfriend/they’re running a marathon on Sunday in Anchorage so hanging out and going to Home Depot until then]  Bye Ben.  Bye Kim.  It’s been fun.
Now let begin the marathon of getting home.  I was able to sleep for most of the first flight, which departed at 1:10am Alaska time.  I’m charging my computer and my phone as we speak, having scored an outlet in the tiny Long Beach Airport.  [Why in the world did I fly to Long Beach?  Good question.  All I know is that it was the cheapest flight I could find.  I might end up paying the price difference in mind and body.]  May the Mac gods and their minions keep me entertained and sane until arrival at home.

* while chronicling the end of the actual trip, a few more [AAA] stories will continue to be shared.  they are many.  the [AAA] label has not been retired.  yet.

2 Responses to “[AAA] The end.*”

  1. coloradohi August 20, 2011 at 12:26 pm #

    Hi, Lindsay: Hope rest of your trip went well. Ben is a sweetie….please post picture(s) of Jetta….bet she is too. You don't know me; I stumbled upon your blog and follow it every day. Would love to contact you via email. May do that when you get to your new church. All the best from coloradohi.

  2. coloradohi August 20, 2011 at 12:32 pm #

    ….me again. Hey, if you took bus from O'Hare to Janesville, you pretty near went by my house on the tollway. I live in Arlington Heights, IL, about 5 minutes from tollway and 8 miles from O'Hare. Bye…..coloradohi

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