Baby’s all grown up.

26 Aug
My baby went to college last weekend.
Okay, not my baby but my baby sister. 
We had done the college shopping weeks prior, filling two carts at Target all while coordinating towels, sheets, and storage crates.  I arrived home from Alaska late Saturday night and early Sunday we were off to move Emma into her dorm room.  Lots of changes are happening on Aarback Road these days!

We moved her in and helped her begin to unpack.  We toured the campus and ate lunch together and then had to say goodbye.  She’s only an hour from home and has a car, so it’s not quite the ordeal as when mom and dad dropped me off three hours from home with no car or cell phone as a freshman at Luther.  Not to mention, Emma makes friends so easily and is super friendly, much unlike her shy older sister.  Still, I remember those first few weeks of college – mine were rough.  I’m hoping Emma adjusts and begins to love every minute because seriously, I miss the college days.  She’ll do great.

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