stress relief.

1 Sep
I’ve decided that I do not carry stress well.  My hair is proof, though the humidity helped none today.  It wasn’t pretty, folks. [Come on, autumn, and arrive already.]  I see it in my hair, in my lack of any kind of facial expression, and feel it in my shoulders.  The knots hurt.
But enough complaining.  Things are looking up.  My grandpa volunteered to drive a U-Haul on Sunday – this relieves me of so much stress.  It will be great to get everything to Austin in one day.  Congregation members will be there to help unload and I’ll have my bed from day one.  [Plans to move gradually by car load over the course of the month of September make me want to cry.  This will be much better for the transition.] 
I had coffee with Banana Kay and met up with Banana Kim this afternoon before I make my move.  The coffee date at the local coffee shop was made even more interesting by the presence of that one person I emailed in July, asking him to be my friend.  I never told you but he eventually did respond.  To reject my offer.  *awkward turtle*  I guess I am creepy.  I wasn’t entirely sure it was him sitting behind me today but later discovered it was.  We said nothing to each other; actually, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know who I am so it’s okay.  
My mom and I went out to supper with Grandma and Grandpa – we had a date with the Cozy Inn in Janesville.  Guess what kind of cuisine the Cozy Inn serves.  Seriously.  Guess.
Grandma and Grandpa have been going to the Cozy Inn for many years and wanted to make sure I had the experience before I moved.  The food was great and I received an intriguing fortune.  Okay, Cozy Inn, the longest-established-Chinese-restaurant-in-the-United-States-according-to-your-menu, I dare you to prove this fortune true. 

After supper, I received a gift.  Grandpa had gone shopping and picked something up for me from Farm and Fleet.  [It’s not Fleet Farm in this neck of the woods but has equally delicious orange slice candies.]   It’s become pretty standard that when people say, “I saw this and thought of you!,” the this is normally a gnome.  This is likely the largest gnome I now own and I think he will look most excellent on my front stoop.  [The people of Red Oak Grove and going to learn my quirkiness eventually; might as well begin crazy.] 
 Got a home for a gnome?  I always have a home for a gnome!  
That’s my new life motto.  I won’t be a crazy cat lady; I’ll be the crazy gnome lady.  Children will mock me and my friends will have to stage an intervention.  “Lindsay, we say this because we care about you.  Your gnomes are not real people.  Come back to us, back to the outside world.”  I’ll protest at first but then give in as they persist.  [But that doesn’t mean I won’t carry gnomes in my purse when I leave the house and whisper to them when I think no one is watching.]

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