5 Sep

You may have seen my previos posts – the ones that were completely whacked out? That, my friends, is apparently what happens when you try mobile blogging via text message for the first time. Craziness, I tell you. Craziness! So now this is me mobile blogging in a different manner. It’s tedious, folks, so short this post will be. I arrived in Austin yesterday and a group of congregation members helped unload the uhaul and vehicles in a spiffy way. That’s when I learned that the parsonage nor the church has Internet currently. Hence lack of blog. When technology is back in our favor, expect more. For now know that I LOVE my house, I’m terrified to officially begin tomorrow in the office, and I’ve been lucky to be social both days I’ve lived here. (My seminary friends who live nearby came over last night with pizza and beer and today I had coffee with Lori-from-Dawson’s daughter who lives in Austin. It’s been great!). Hopefully this is more coherent than the nonsense posted earlier and now deleted (thanks, blogger) and you know my reason for being absent. Soon I hope to update you more on the beginnings of this crazy new journey! I love technology, but not as much as you, you see …

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