I forgot to mention –

9 Sep
I’m still internet-less at home and at church so regular posting will still be on hold.  [And get this – we likely won’t have internet for another week!  Thank goodness for my iphone.  Without it, I’d be insane right about now.]  I post now from the Austin Public Library.  I think I’m in love – not with the red head who is a few tables behind me but with the library as a whole.  I think in my next life I want to be a librarian and be constantly surrounded by books.
I’m at a table that overlooks Mill Pond, a table with my very own surge protector and lamp.  There is free wi-fi and watch me sign up for a library card so I can check out dvds.  [I have never taken much advantage of public libraries and only recently have I realized what a shame that is.  Libraries have tons of dvds to rent and – wait for it – they’re free.  I scoped out the section at this library before I sat down and see they have lots of tv shows on dvd.  Which one should I begin?]
I have a sermon to finish.  My mom and sister arrive tomorrow around lunch time and hopes are that I won’t need to work on it while they are here.  [We have shopping to do and picture frames to hang!]  I think this library may easily become a favorite spot of mine.

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