a sunday scare.

14 Sep

I sat in my office, alone at church following Sunday morning worship.  I sat there with this lifeless thing in my hands.  It felt heavy with doom.  
No movement.  
My iphone suddenly shut off and wouldn’t turn back on. 
I thought my baby was lost forever.
I didn’t have internet so I couldn’t look up fix-it possibilities or call a fellow iphone owner because their phone numbers were stored on the phone.  I didn’t know what to do.   I felt hopeless.
I drove to Austin and the whole way was close to tears.  What if my super expensive phone that I love and on which I depend just decided to not work anymore?  I can’t afford a new one, but yet, I can’t live without it.  My life is tied to this inanimate object.  It may be pathetic but it’s also our time and culture.  Look it up.
To the Verizon store I went.  I walked in and paused in the doorway.  I had entered some alternative universe – all the employees were wearing Viking jerseys.  [I’m not one to get too into football but this was downright repulsive to see.]  I learned that my fix was a “hard restart,” a la pressing and holding both buttons at once.  Pretty sure mr.verizon man thought I was a pretty dumb lady in a cleric.  [I didn’t have time to change before I left.   This was an emergency!]  But hey, now I know how to fix it if my lifeline becomes lifeless again.

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