4 Oct
Let’s clear the air here.  
Just because I’m a pastor does not mean I don’t drink beer or the occasional long island iced tea.  [mmm]
Because I’m a pastor does not mean I don’t ever swear.
Sometimes I don’t even want to go to church so don’t worry.  I’m not judging you when you’re not there.  You don’t need to make excuses to me.  Please, don’t make excuses.
I read things other than the Bible.  Actually, most things I read are not the Bible.  [Should I dwell more in Scripture?  Probably.]
Sometimes my shoes may be quite pointy and the heels a little high than what one would expect for clergy.  [“You don’t look like a pastor!”  I got that one last week.]
One of my greatest pet peeves of late are the comments I get in regards to these things.  Well, a pastor can’t say that.  Lindsay – you drink?!  But you’re a pastor!  
Nope, people, I’m a human being.  I don’t define you by your occupation/vocation so please don’t let this define me.  I feel called to do this and love what I do, but I’m no different than you.  A flawed, sinful person in need of God’s constant grace.
It’s a tricky thing but that’s where I’m landing right now.  Other clergy would fight me on it regarding the life we are called to live above reproach and whatnot.  But just verbally fight.  Pastors can’t throw punches.
[Right?  My point exactly.]

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