comfy clothes, tv & a beer.

6 Oct
Thursday is the new Friday.
Friday and Saturdays are my days off which means that come Thursday night I am so anxious to throw on the sweats, put in a movie [or a few episodes of a tv show] and be completely lazy.  By this point in the week, I’m so ready for it.
It was a good, terribly busy week.  It somehow sneaked past without me being able to do any home visits [which makes me feel guilty].  But I did meet with parents who are having their son baptized next Sunday.  I planned the confirmation year and met with those families.  Wednesday morning was spent with 100 WELCA woman from ROG and surrounding congregations.  I had dinner with the Blooming ministerium.  I spent this morning in Blooming hanging out at First Lutheran with Heidi and Charlie, the pastors there.  [Both of whom are AWESOME and will be great colleagues to have.  Heidi is fun and super helpful and Charlie is one of those pastoral presences that I could sit and talk with for hours and likely reveal my deepest darkest secrets.]  Then, from 3-9pm today I was off at a synod event, gaining energy around mission and stewardship, all while texting Paige who sat at the next table over.  [throw in worship planning, website design, mail sorting, and necessary conversations with Marilyn, it was a busy week indeed.]   
I arrived home at 9 tonight, took Mabel outside, and the sweatpants were donned.  I’m in an Irish mood so Leap Year is the movie of choice.  I might drink a beer and soak it all in tonight because, truth be told, tomorrow I’ll be working.  There’s a sermon, a visit, phone calls, and a Blooming homecoming football game to attend.  [What’s the Blooming Prairie mascot?  A flower.  They’re the Awesome Blossoms.  True story.]  All things that can’t wait until Sunday.  This is where that whole conversation about self-care comes into place and how terribly hard it is for pastors to ultimately take care of themselves.  
I tell myself I’ll take comp time next week but who are we kidding?  I’m having company next weekend [Luther homecoming bound!] so the sermon prep will need to be done early and time dedicated to the fall festival we’re hosting at ROG on Sunday afternoon.  It will be busy but it will also be good.  Welcome to ministry.

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