Dancing Bananas.

4 Dec
It’s just a fruit.
And it’s a little ridiculous to think that they can dance.
The Dancing Bananas are facing trials and tribulations by the bushel basket these days.
Child custody.
Job uncertainty.
Fertility wonderings.
Questions about the future.
Potential moves cross country.
Aggressive cancer in a father-in-law.
Searching for answers to medical conditions.
It’s a lot.  So much.  The emails are nearly daily at this point with communication, support, and funny stories in the midst of it all.  The seven of us currently live in five different states and it’s been nearly ten years since we graduated from high school.
I’m not completely sure what holds us together and so tightly.  Maybe it’s the fact that you don’t often find bananas that dance.  We’re rare and find comfort in being odd together.  Or that we love each other and have been friends for over twenty years.
The bananas of the world are meant to unite, jump, dance, and go.  And so we do, along with support, hug, and love.  Early morning phone calls, cake pop care packages, and anything more.  I love my Dancing Bananas.

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