a list of ten on the tenth.

10 Dec

People, places, things, and links that are making me ridiculously and incandescently happy as of late:
. the bloggess.  I cannot believe how incredibly funny that woman is.  She is made of awesome and I will buy her book when it comes out.
. feminist Ryan Gosling.  Crazy thing is – thanks to Andy Root [my academic advisor and professor at sem] – I actually know what a few of those mean. [that might be pushing it. correction: I have at least heard the terms/people.] [added: oh man.  there is a typographer ryan gosling too.  this is funny.] [second add: Handmade Ryan Gosling.  Literary Ryan Gosling.  They don’t end!]
. a clean kitchen.
. new snow boots [in brown] so Mabel and I can frolic together.  They will also be good for snowshoeing; who wants to go?
. quoting Lord of the Rings.  [cue my sister rolling her eyes]
. as of noon today all I had done was watch three episodes of Dawson’s Creek and drank coffee.  hello saturday perfection.  [nevermind that blogging now is an attempt to procrastinate sermon prep]
. I plugged in my antenna cable after I finally found it hiding in a box in the basement.  I can now watch HIMYM, Big Bang, and Modern Family.  [no NBC; no Office]
. Josh Groban.  I have a renewed love for the crooner.  He cohosted with Kelly Ripa last week and turns out he’s hilarious.  No words can describe but this and this may help.  I tweeted him and told him he was adorable.  No response.
. [sing] oh christmas cards, oh christmas cards.
. a bedroom that is finally starting to feel like I live here.  new wall color, things hanging on the walls, a proper bedside table, and new curtains.  huzzah!

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