confirmation awesomeness.

15 Dec
I’m just going to start out by admitting straight up what this post is about – I’m going to brag about my confirmation students.  There.  Now you know.
First example.  Last week, we began our time together by sharing highs and lows.  There are four seventh graders in my confirmation class – three ladies, and one gentleman.  The gentleman never says too much.  He’s pretty quiet but very considerate and cooperative.  When it came time for him to share highs and lows, he said he didn’t have any lows.  His high was that he was back at confirmation after missing the previous week.  Warms my heart!
Example the second.  Last night, we were only half a class with two of four present.  “I like coming to confirmation,” one said.  The other continued, “I like reading the Bible.  It’s really interesting.”  They both asked if they could stay later and so they texted/called their parents and stuck around an extra twenty minutes.
Third example.  With the two that were present last night, we talked a little bit about the bullying that happens in schools.  It’s real, people.  Fact is, one of the students in my class [who wasn’t there last night] is – unfortunately – a target of bullying.  A., one of the ladies last night, talked about how she stuck up for the other confirmation buddy in the middle of bullying.  She’s a petite little gal but she’s not afraid to tell a bully how it is.  Props to her.  Props to her.
Fourth.  We made graham cracker gingerbread houses in the last twenty minutes [plus the extra twenty minutes they asked to stay after].  We had fun.

This was mine.

Until this happened.

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