1 Feb
Good question.  I know he does wear nice jeans, a la tonight’s episode of Modern Family.  [He also hit his kid and drugged another … but that’s beside the point.]  I tell you one thing – he’d probably join all those hippies who have taken over Vancouver beaches.  [Yea!  You read right.  Damn hippies.  A Dorothy told me all about it today.]
I think I’m going to make a mug of tea and hunker down with The Book Thief, my current read.  This week has been exhausting to an extreme.  It was a late night last night [hello-four-hour-meeting-at-the-care-center-until-11pm?] and it’s an early morning tomorrow for a funeral.  I’ll ride in a hearse.  [Shall we talk about that?  Apparently the funeral director I’m working with is single.  “You’ll get to ride together in the hearse!” says Marilyn, all match-maker-like.  Uh …]  After a lunch of buttered ham sandwiches and plates of cake varieties, tomorrow afternoon then it’s off to St.Paul/Stillwater for a couple nights while Mabel meets new friends at a kennel.  I need to get away.  It will be good.
It will be good.
[Forget the fact that there is no Sunday sermon yet.  Forget it.  Phil Dunphy would.]

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