11 Feb
Beginning as a thought on Thursday, I declared today parsonage project saturday.  *throws glitter*
I had a list of projects I hoped to accomplish and now that it is evening, I feel pretty accomplished.  [A little … not a lot.  Please excuse the Friends reference.]  A Valentines-esque wreath hangs on my front door, a fabric basket now organizes Mabel things in the closet, and my bedroom is a little closer to awesome.  [I found the yellow quilt and sham on clearance at Target this morning for $10!  The gray and yellow theme continues to be a work in progress.]
If we delve a bit deeper in to the details, the berries on the wreath are a little too Christmas but I think it works.  [And the decor is put on in a way which can be removed and adapted for the next holiday of choice.]  I’m fairly certain I bought the wrong kind of interfacing for the fabric basket and that caused me to break two needles in its construction.  And the photo of my bed?  It’s now completely strewn with clothes and that’s normally how it stays.  But I also did three loads of laundry, sneezed approximately seventeen times, and bought Girl Scout cookies from the neighbors who stopped by.  I bought napkins on clearance with which to make living room throw pillows, made a chicken/sweet potato dinner, and baked a cookie cheesecake to take to a Grammy’s party [what what] tomorrow night.  Boom.  You’ve been had, Saturday.
*hangs head*  … and now I finish my sermon.

One Response to “#parsonageprojectsaturday”

  1. cassination February 14, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

    so jealous of the sham! soooooooooooo jealous.also, i clicked my mouse as i read 'throws glitter' and since it's valentines's day, blogger is throwing hearts with mouseclicks. it was a little magical. and crazy.yay for parsonage projects!

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