sew productive.

19 Feb
It was a super productive weekend at the sewing machine in the ROG parsonage this weekend.  [One could say that I was a sewing machine.  Pity laugh?]  The craft room has been a bit neglected lately, but I made up for it this weekend.  Using the clearance cloth napkins I bought at Target last weekend and the pillow forms I found for 60% off at JoAnn’s, I made four throw pillows.  [I did not make the middle one.  I made the others to match … but I did buy the middle one on clearance.]  As I’ve been shopping around for household items, I’ve been grossed out by how expensive throw pillows are and that is why I’ve had none for the last six months.  I figure mine came together for about $9/piece and roughly 15 minutes to sew each.  And then I made a curtain for the upstairs balcony door. 
Saturday was a fun fabric day.  First, Amanda – my new friend from Owatonna who is an intern there this year – and I traveled south to the Calico Hutch.  The Calico Hutch, in Hayward, is what the ladies would call the best quilt shop around.  Amanda was looking to embark on her first quilting project and I have a baby quilt in my future.  [A baby quilt.  Not a baby.  Just to clarify.]  We both found what we were looking for and then had a mini-sewing machine tutorial at the dining room table while eating the new lemon girl scout cookies.  
Yesterday, The Practical Guide to Patchwork arrived in my mailbox from Amazon.  It’s a book by the blogger/quilter at Oh, Fransson [one of the blogs that made me want to learn to quilt in the first place] and I’m in love.  I’ve already learned a few tidbits [when prewashing fabric, take it out of the dryer when it’s still a little damp and iron immediately.  a world of difference!] and while I don’t know if I’ll tackle any of the quilt patterns from the book any time soon, I think it was a sound purchase.  Plus, it’s pretty.  Sometimes I just pick it up to stare at it and pet the cover.
This afternoon the fabrics on my cutting mat met their match.  I dedicated my entire afternoon to the craft room and have 18 quilt squares to show for it.  Two to go and then the sashing will begin.
There is still a pile of more projects in the sewing room.  I want to construct a few of these fabric bins [and have already purchased the supplies] and I still need curtains for one of my bedroom windows.  Maybe a table runner.  And I need to finish my summer quilt.  All in good time, my friends.  All in good time.

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