the lindsay chronicle.

24 Feb
I’ve been gone for a while now.  These could be my excuses:
. it’s lent.
. work is crazy.
. I’ve been a wee bit lazy.
While those all factor in a bit, the real reason is that I haven’t had much to say.  
Throughout the day, while I drive or while I inevitably chew my fingernails to shreds at my desk, I write blog posts in my head.  I make mental notes of things I want to tell you.  Sometimes I scribble them on scrap paper and make notes on my phone.
No blog posts in my head this past week.  No mental notes or notes of any kind in relation to all things blog.  Huh.
Just as an update of sorts, so I can blog at least something, here’s a taste of the lindsay chronicle [my latest fake paper]:
I had a meeting this morning with a crazy lady.  She wanted to talk to me about the services available for elderly in Steele County.  She was quite loopy and could never quite let me finish a thought or ask a question, but I enjoyed her.  We talked about everything from doodles [the dog] to Alaska to how her son met his wife on an online Christian dating site.  We shook hands as we left the coffee shop but then she stopped, said, “Oh, hey.  I’m a hugger!” and proceeded to hug me after we had known each other for approximately 63 minutes.
Last year, I bought my current salad plates from Urban Outfitters.  At the time, they were out of the blue.  I checked the website today and score!  They had blue ones so I decided I needed them to complete my stack of plates that I love so dearly.  Well, turns out it was free shipping over $50 and without crossing that mark, my $12 total order was going to cost $10 to ship.  Thus, I did exactly what they wanted me to do.  I also bought a scarf, two more plates, and a yellow bird votive candle holder.  Free shipping, baby!
It continues to be proven that I am most productive at doing other things when I have a sermon to write.  Today, after my meeting with the crazy lady and then a board meeting in Austin, I mopped my floors.  Cleaned the kitchen.  Baked cookies for a Sunday Oscar party.  [Are you watching the Oscars?  I printed these off earlier this week for the party.  Cast your vote and play bingo!]  Started to watch The Tree of Life and then stopped because it was weird.  And now, in par with the boredom/avoidance factor, I will be in bed by 10:30.  Sermon tomorrow.
I’m having dinner in Austin tomorrow night with Lori, my pastor friend and mentor of awesome from Dawson, and her family, and then they will come to Red Oak Grove to worship on Sunday.  Sunday is a busy morning of the beginnings of a Bible study during coffee hour [color me nervous – lindsay the two. always afraid of letting people down.], followed by a service at the care center in Blooming.  Sunday night is Oscar night [I still must inflate my red carpet date.*] and then Monday I’m Luther-Seminary-bound for an event on confirmation.  I’m really excited for the conversation to be had and to see lots of friendly CYF faces on campus.
So that’s life.  Maybe this week I’ll have more to report.  Even with my poor record of writing, this month has somehow already become the month with the most blog hits in the history of its existence.  [say what?!]  So yay you for reading [seriously.  thanks!] and boo me for not writing. 
And enough about me.  What’s new with you?
* You’ll see.

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