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3 Mar
Just a few blog navigation tips for your reading pleasure and convenience –
First, check out the pages at the top of the blog.  You can read about how the blog began [about], watch cooking pastor videos of old, and I’ve just added a new one of lists.  Click on that tab to find the latest recipes I’ve tried, the movies I’ve watched, and books read.  Maybe favorite free font downloads soon too.
Second, if you hover your mouse to the right of the screen, a pop-up menu will appear.  Here you can become a follower of gnomepreacher blog [I’ll be honest – I don’t really know what this actually means unless you log into your blogger home screen often.], search the blog archive by year, and find me elsewhere [twitter, pinterest, tumblr, etc.].  You can also hit the subscribe button, enter your email, and then you’ll receive new posts in your inbox.  [If you’re picky about the amount of emails in your inbox, this option can get annoying as I get wordy and post-happy.  That’s your warning.]
Third, this is an unrelated photo of the yellow bird votive candle holder I bought from Urban Outfitters [part of the total I had to spend to get free shipping].  I like it.  Candles are my new favorite.  Between those and the latest dimmer switch on the overhead lights, we’re all about the mood lighting here at the parsonage.  [um…]

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