another visitor!

7 Mar
Emma came to visit!  She is on spring break and decided to make the trek westward.  It’s a week of family sleepovers for this pastor!
While Emma was here we watched much How I Met Your Mother, laughed at Mabel, ate lunch at Muffaletta’s [just down the road from seminary], loved on Ryan Gosling in Lars and the Real Girl, and did a little city shopping.  [more about why we were in the cities to come.]
While we were in the cities, we went to a cake/candy supply store.  I’m on the search for a new candy coating; I’ve had enough of failed Wilton bags.  The supply store had the Merckens brand for which I was searching; we picked up a bag and put it to the test that night.  The verdict?  They are a dream compared to Wiltons!  I will pay the extra money for the beauty of it all.  My cakepop life has been reinvented and reinvigorated.  
What else did we find at the cake/candy supply store?  A gum paste baby, as pictured below.  Super weird, right?  Super weird.  Emma suggested I buy it and send it to cousin, Connor, as sending him baby doll bits is a tradition but I thought this might cross the creepy line.  [I do have a line.  I try not to cross it.]

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