gnomepreacher, we have a problem. or five.

8 Mar
I have a problem.  [well, really, one of many]

I can’t say no.
I’m like Katherine Heigl’s character in 27 Dresses like that.  [The similarities end there.  I only have four bridesmaid dresses.]  I need James Marsden to teach me to say no at a bar.  And then afterwards we will sing along to a rousing classic 80s tune while standing on the bar.

A woman called me last week.  She’s not a member but she’s looking for a pastor to marry her and her fiance.  On July 4th weekend.  In a town 45 minutes away.  They want a religious ceremony but her finace’s pastor will not do the marriage because they have a son.  [*cough* Missouri synod *cough*]  So what did I do?  I said sure, let’s have more conversation about it … even though I really just wanted to say no.  Even if I don’t know the person, I want them to like me and not disappoint them … curse it.  Hello wedding #5 for the summer.

A follow-up problem: I don’t ask for help and I have perfectionist tendencies towards things that really are inconsequential.  [Does the new bulletin board need to be covered in fabric?  No.  But I’ll make sure it is.]
But that one is for another day.  
One problem at a time.

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