iced deliciousness.

12 Mar
At the slightest hint of warmer temperatures, I’m all about coffee that’s iced.  There is something so delicious about cold brew coffee over ice with a splash of almond milk.  The only downfall is that it’s so easy to drink and I drink way too much of it on some days.
My new system won’t help this at all.  I received this nifty glass drink container from Lynn-baby in the fall  and it’s perfect to keep cold coffee in the fridge.  My brew is based on a recipe by my dream woman [yeah.  I said it.] – Pioneer Woman’s perfect iced coffee.
I don’t have a container large enough to make it like she does so I break it down and make 2 quarts at a time mixed with 4 oz. coffee grounds.  I also don’t have a strainer [noted.  can you tell I rarely eat pasta? it’s on my to-purchase list.] but a couple sheets of paper towel do the trick.  
Make your own or come visit.  I promise to share.

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