crack me.

9 Apr

Kinder egg completion.

I shared them with my mom and sister who came to visit for the weekend.  We went shopping on Saturday [when I bought an old antique metal head board to a bed to hang on my bedroom wall – it’s yellow and odd so quite perfect] and then on Sunday, after church, we spent the day napping, watching movies, and deciphering the gardens at the Parsonage Place [here on out the name of my home/b&b].  We had a relatively easy meal of baked ham and oven roasted veggies.  Simplicity was the name of the game and it was quite wonderful.
Easter as a pastor is an interesting deal and, after year number one, I’m not sure I entirely enjoyed it.  It seemed I spent my hours worrying about having enough communion bread, feeling mediocre about my message, and setting three alarms to make sure I was awake at 4:30am.  It was … different.  It was work.  We’ll see how years two and beyond differ but for now, I’m thankful for a Monday off to celebrate in my own little ways the risen Christ and the end of Lent.  Alleluia.

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