it’s monday.

16 Apr
I’m still at home.  I have the hardest time going to work on Monday mornings!  If I’m in the office by 10, that’s pretty good for me.  I feel a little guilty because the quilting women begin arriving by 8:30, likely when I’m still eating my breakfast in my pajamas and watching Josh Elliot on Good Morning, America.  But then I remember how I spent Saturday writing my sermon and I don’t feel so bad.
Anyways.  Here.  Have some links [web, not sausage] on this Monday morn.
Your brain on fiction.  Further proof that book nerds are awesome and so are their brains.
I won’t love you like a love song.  Thoughts on love in popular culture and what it really might mean.

Maybe if we stopped worrying so much about finding “the one” and concentrated on being loving to everyone—ourselves included—we’d relax into the present moment a little more and actually be able to be in love, no falling required. 

I don’t even know if I like eggs benedict but it’s eggs benedict day!  It makes me want to try.  If I were to try, I would rely on the pioneer woman to teach me how.

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