batman & wife were here.

22 Apr

It was a long day today.  I left the house at 7:30 this morning, stopped back briefly for lunch, and then was gone until 7 this evening.  Exhausted, I walked to the back door and found the proper key.  I reached to open the screen door and spied a piece of paper stuck in the door.
I read said note and then my jaw dropped.  I might have screamed, “Noooo!” in supreme disappointment.   I missed Batman and wife.  I missed Batman and wife!  They were at my house while I was off leading a church service at the care center and learning all about the national youth gathering in New Orleans.  Nooo!
Who’s Batman, you wonder?  Who is his wife?  And who would ever call this girl Sunshine?
Sit back.  Let me tale you a tale from Gnometown.
I still remember the day Custodian Keith of Grace Lutheran Church sauntered past my office at the church and greeted me by saying, “Good morning, Sunshine.”  From that moment on, it was [one of] my nickname[s].  [I also recall the day, fairly early in my internship year, when Custodian Keith walked past and casually asked me, “Have any boyfriends yet?”]
That year of internship I learned that Custodian Keith is pretty great at catching the bats that fly about the church.  Sometimes he put them [still living] in glass jars and set them on peoples’ desks.  He became the batman and I started buying Batman things for him when I would come across them, like a Batman sprinkler [the kind you attach to the end of a hose] for $2.50 at a church garage sale.  I would mail him toy rubber bats and he gave me toy rubber bats in jars.  [They sit on my bookshelf.]
And Batman’s wife?  She makes lovely donuts.  A true treat.
Gail, if you still read the blog on occasion, know that I’m super bummed I missed you!  There are potential plans to visit your neck of the woods a la graduation time so me hopes I’ll see you and Batman then!

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