vacation: post three.

5 Jun
I write while watching television and laying on the bed in this room –

I feel relaxed already.
I arrived in Grand Marais and to the destination bed and breakfast in early evening.  Since arriving, I had a colloquial chat with the couple that owns the b&b and walked to a very nice restaurant for a very delicious dinner.  I wondered how eating alone at a toursit-y restaurant would be so I went prepared with a book.  Cliche to read a book about introverts while sitting alone and talking to no one?
The drive to the north shore was quite nice.  I stopped little but for a quick lunch break at a rest stop and an hour exploring Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.  There were many places I wanted to stop [a crazy roadside flea market which – from what I could tell – had tables upon tables of only fiestaware pitchers] but was on a schedule to arrive at my final destination.  Hopefully on the way home, I’ll have more room to stop and browse rivers and waterfalls, wayside rests, and random flea markets.  For now, I relax and be gradually more and more nervous about kayaking tomorrow afternoon.  
this cold water makes me fearful for my kayaking adventure.
split rock lighthouse.

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