two thumbs up.

8 Jun
Two thumbs up for bed and breakfasts.
When I left the MacArthur Inn on Thursday morning, Max and Sherry, the delightful owners, walked me to the door.  They thanked me for my stay and I thanked them for showing me the greatness of b&bs.  It was quaint, convenient, and just plain different than a hotel.  Two thumbs up.
It was breakfast on Thursday morning that really convinced me of the greatness.  While there were only five of us for breakfast on Wednesday morning, the next morning the table was full with eight guests.  Next to me was a gentleman with an accent.  Alex from Switzerland.  We had small talk as a table during the meal [blueberry strata] and then Alex and I began talking as others wondered off to their day adventures.  We sat and chatted for close to an hour about how we had come to Grand Marias, about driving to Alaska [he wanted to and his friends in Europe told him he was crazy.], and what we do for a living.  He works at a hostel and does city tours of Zurich.  Twelve years ago, at 21, he came over on a temporary work visa to work the summer months as a housekeeper and dishwasher, and so the town of Grand Marais is close to his heart [he said as he tapped his chest].  [The tourism of the town depends on European help, much like the WI Dells, I suppose.]  I told him I was a pastor [and you know how Europeans are about church…] and he said, “Not to be ignorant or rude, but what do you do all week?”  A super fun chat that – chances are – would never have happened at a hotel.
On another note, I think I’m on a kayaking high.  I think that happens when you conquer a certain fear successfully.  And I think I just really liked the experience and am totally psyched to go again sometime soon.  [But maybe in a recreational kayak as opposed to a sea kayak.  And maybe somewhere a bit calmer water-wise.]  I kinda feel like this kid – I can do anything now.  [If you haven’t already seen the video, you must watch it.  Must.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.]

Two thumbs up for rock and roll, for kayaking adventures, and for bed and breakfast stays.

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