mascara: not just for eyelashes.

21 Jun
I went out last night.
That’s right.
I went to dinner and to see The Sound of Music at the local community college with four women from the church.  It was an enjoyable time but worry it’s a glimpse of my future.
We left the church parking lot at 5pm.  Austin is about a 15 minute drive and the show was at 7:30.  We didn’t want to be late.
We ate at Culver’s where I learned that if I ever have gray hairs around my face, using mascara as a temporary cover-up is always an option.
We got to the theater at 6:30 to pick up our tickets which were being held for us.  There were only two other people there at that time, and neither of them were the box office people.  So the five of us journeyed to the bathroom.
There were five sinks in the bathroom.  Five sinks; five of us.  I was at the middle sink, washing my hands, and looked to my left and my right and knew I had to get out of there.  I left and waiting in the hallway while they combed their hair.  I tweeted from my iphone, needing to do something that reminded me I am still under 30 years old.
We waited some more.  Doors to the theater weren’t going to open until 7pm.  twiddle thumbs.
The show was good but a wee long.  I didn’t get home until after 10:30 which made it a long night.  [says the youngest gal in the group]  It was very nice of them to ask me to go with and it was a fun time but I underestimated how much energy it would require me.  I was one tired lady.
To bed I went, dreaming of raindrops on roses and white woolen mittens, and reminding myself that I’m only 28 going on 29, even if my typical company was a wee bit older.  And my mascara is reserved for my eyeslashes.  For now, at least.

One Response to “mascara: not just for eyelashes.”

  1. segjen June 21, 2012 at 2:14 pm #

    ahhh Lindsay! I love this. And while I would love to have dozens of friends my own age, don't discount the kind of friendship these women can offer you.

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