a weekend away.

30 Jun
I ran away from Red Oak Grove this weekend.  I ran away to Stillwater.  Mabel came too.  She stayed at a kennel and made many new friends.

It wasn’t an impromptu decision – a girls’ weekend had been on the calendar for many weeks.  Karen, Jenna, and I had plans to go out to eat, explore fun places in the cities, and shop.  Check, check, and check.

I was greeted at the Gieseke B&B by my very own olives.
Karen and I met Jenna at the seminary and I ran into a couple old friends.  [Adam!  So good to see you!]  We went to a giant fabric outlet warehouse and ate at Big Bowl [one of my favorites].  We saw a movie and settled in for the night.  Then today there was a trip to Hunt and Gather, a fabric shop, and an estate sale.  It’s like all of Lindsay’s favorite things crammed into one day!  I bought a crazy yellow wire thing on wheels [how’s that for a description], a really great Spanish bull fighting velvet print [which I bought for the frame and the frame only], and some polka dotted fabric from the outlet warehouse.  It was great fun and full of wonderful, caring conversation.  I’m sad to be back at the parsonage, with Sunday morning looming over my head, but such is life.  boo.
But a small taste of Hunt and Gather.
Babies, anyone?

I wanted every single one of these.  Love me some polka dots.

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