4 Jul
Like paper and fabric crafty.  Not suspicious and deceitful crafty.   [most days not anyways.]
I feel like my veins have been running on mod podge instead of blood lately.  
Mod podge and spray paint.

I used both of those supplies to make coasters.  I bought tiles for 16 cents at Lowe’s and used paper I had on hand to create simple coasters to save my furniture from sweaty glasses.  They were super easy and pretty fun.  I’d make more; anyone want some?

A completed baby quilt for a new baby Hemenway.  [My first ever baby quilt was made for a baby Hemenway.  If one were to compare Gavin’s quilt to new baby’s quilt, the skills I’ve learned would be most evident, which makes me feel both accomplished and embarrassed!]
A file cabinet redo.  My mom brought an old black file cabinet when she came to visit last.  It was pretty dinged up and the black was nothing too exciting.  I spray painted it and mod podged fabric to the drawers.  It’s not perfect but it will do the trick.  [It was still in the process of drying here.  I was too excited to wait.]

Lampshades have also be decorated and an outdoor swing painted.  
Next up: new cushions for the swing and an ottoman slipcover.

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