12 Jul
Please excuse my absence.  Life is ca-ray-zee with no signs of letting up.  I leave on a bus for New Orleans on Monday.  Posts may be few and far between in the next week and a half.  Such is life.
Even in the last five days, I have little to say, but let me tell you a Marilyn-the-administrative-assistant story.  They’re always good.
I went into work on Tuesday around 9:30.  Banker’s hours, Marilyn says.  I don’t even open my office door; I just head straight for Marilyn’s office to check in.  We exchange pleasantries and then she delivers exciting news.
The girls and I went to the casino yesterday, she said.
Oh, really?
I was the big winner of the group.  I always give 10% of my winnings to the church and I’ve decided to give that portion to Red Oak Grove.

That’s very nice of you.
She smirked and pushed a nickel and penny my way.  Here you go.

She won 55 cents and rounded up to a six-cent tithe for the glory of God and mission of the church.  
Thanks, Marilyn.

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