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read it in your baby voice.

5 Jul
The best part of my day?

Following @HonestToddler on twitter.

Cracks me up every time.

[There was a really great pastoral visit in there too.  I was there for over an hour but it was great, insightful, and fun conversation.  They asked me how things were going for me – these are people I feel like I can be honest with – so I mentioned how sometimes the hardest part is living in the big house by myself.  Mark – who is also the custodian at church – said he’d be my friend.  He invited me over to watch cooking shows and play cards.  He’s 65.  His wife gave me garden green beans.  Deal.]

the fourth.

4 Jul
Fourth of July celebrations for Lindsay used to look like this:

Fourth of July today looks like Lindsay on the couch watching cheesy Australian television dramas on Netflix.
I’d prefer the former to the latter, please.
The former was from 2002, the summer following graduation from high school.  All through high school and all through college, I’m pretty sure our celebrations looked the same.  We’d hang out in Jenni’s side yard, throw water balloons at the neighbors [they started it.], and walk to the park for fireworks later in the evening, battling mosquitos the whole way there and back.  Most years, there were easily twenty of us gathered together eating hotdogs and drinking soda.  I miss that.  A lot.  [Everyone looks happy in the photo except Allen.  He looks pissed but really, he shouldn’t.  Along with America, it’s his birthday!]
Now, know that I haven’t been sitting on the couch all day.  I worked … kind of.  I went into Blooming Prairie to help sell soda and water along the parade route with the youth from ROG.  I use the word help loosely; it seemed I wasn’t entirely needed so I was that awkward pastor like I am so often.  I stayed in for the big BP parade – a parade that is known to draw up to 30,000 people to the town of 2200.  It was hot.  And long.  And I think I just don’t like parades.  But it wasn’t without fun.  One of the members I sat next to had awesome commentary the whole way through and it was good connection time with the youth.  Parade people threw tootsie rolls; that’s always a win-win.
After being in the heat for much of the day, I have little ambition now that I’m at home [hence the cheesy Australian television dramas].   And I suppose it doesn’t much matter.  I have no plans to go and watch fireworks because I have no one with whom to go.  [here’s your invitation to lindsay’s pity party.  please rsvp asp.]  sigh.  It’s a far cry being home alone than to the photo above with some of my bestest friends.  Paige, jD, and Lauren are all out of town; I should have taken the hint and left too.  Celebrating here is no fun without them.
Back to Netflix. 


4 Jul
Like paper and fabric crafty.  Not suspicious and deceitful crafty.   [most days not anyways.]
I feel like my veins have been running on mod podge instead of blood lately.  
Mod podge and spray paint.

I used both of those supplies to make coasters.  I bought tiles for 16 cents at Lowe’s and used paper I had on hand to create simple coasters to save my furniture from sweaty glasses.  They were super easy and pretty fun.  I’d make more; anyone want some?

A completed baby quilt for a new baby Hemenway.  [My first ever baby quilt was made for a baby Hemenway.  If one were to compare Gavin’s quilt to new baby’s quilt, the skills I’ve learned would be most evident, which makes me feel both accomplished and embarrassed!]
A file cabinet redo.  My mom brought an old black file cabinet when she came to visit last.  It was pretty dinged up and the black was nothing too exciting.  I spray painted it and mod podged fabric to the drawers.  It’s not perfect but it will do the trick.  [It was still in the process of drying here.  I was too excited to wait.]

Lampshades have also be decorated and an outdoor swing painted.  
Next up: new cushions for the swing and an ottoman slipcover.

shut the front door –

3 Jul
It’s July.
When did that happen?  [aka when the f* did we get ice cream? right, Joe, Amanda, Sara, and everyone else with whom we have that inside joke?  right?!]
I’m totally bummed and excited that it’s July.
First, I’m bummed.  Summer is, like, half over and I feel like I have nothing to show for it.  Summer makes claims that it is less busy and things slow down.  Summer lies.  While I feel that has happened a bit, it’s been forced.  I’ve forced myself to try and stick to forty hours a week and two full days off, but there is still much to do and plan and evaluate in the church.  And summer masquerades as this season to do fun things and hang out with friends.  While I did fun things and hung out with friends on vacation in the first week in June, since then I’ve been pretty boring with no friends.  [That’s not completely true.  But I need to do more.  And find more friends.]  I need to put another vacation on the calendar.
While I’m bummed, I’m also excited.  July is the month of the national youth gathering in New Orleans.  I’m heading down on the 16th with five youth from Red Oak Grove [along with 30,000 other Lutheran youth and chaperones] and it should be a great time [though also hot and steamy and exhausting].  A dear old seminary friend is coming to visit right before the trip departure and I look forward to reconnecting with him.  But, then, uh … I realize the excitement runs out.  Quick!  I need more to be excited about …
Maybe blocking out a train trip to Montana in January to visit a couple new baby girls?  Maybe a plane ride to Texas to see Joe and Amanda?  Maybe taking a horseback riding community education class?  [Okay.  I’ll be honest.  That’s more fear than excitement but something I feel I should try again.]  Maybe a Canadian cruise with Paige?  [Notice how all excitement revolves around travel and friends.  huh.]  Maybe …
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