soap opera drama: part two.

21 Aug
Last week I freaked out on you.  In what has become the third most frequently viewed post on this blog, I lashed out in anger at the disappearance of my current go-to show from the list of streaming shows through my roku.   [what determines a popular post on this blog I will never know – that particular one was about a tv show and anger at netflix.  really?]  In McLeod’s Daughters‘ absence, something magical happened, proving that even in the most dire of situations, there can be good.  
A curse came over me and, in moments of weakness, addiction, and extremely late nights, I consumed the entire first season of Once Upon A Time on hulu in a week.
Have you seen it?  Its first season aired last year on ABC, to return again this fall.  I was drawn into the magic, the story, the fairy tale, and my new fashion idol.
In fashion sense, I want to be Snow White as she is in Storybrooke.  Mary Margaret is her name.  I love her skirts, her coats, and her cardigans.  And her hair.  Her hair.  I want my hair to do what her hair does.  My television fashion idol used to be Lorelai Gilmore and I do fear she has been replaced.  Lorelai, you did not receive a rose; please say your goodbyes.
Now that I’m finished with the first season of Once Upon A Time, do you worry I will return to my angry self at the loss of my Australian soap?  Do you fear another snappy post or continued depression at my lack of the drama on the sheep farms in my life?  Do you have concern for my general well being and the emphasis I put on television shows in my life?
Don’t.  Because I looked again and McLeod’s Daughters is back streaming on Netflix.  Perhaps they heard my cries and decided to do something about it.  Perhaps they were enraged to know that 59 people read my blog post against them.  Or maybe it was just temporarily unavailable on that one day when I freaked out.
Whatever the case, I thank you, Netflix.  If you had not momentarily been reconfiguring your catalog of television shows, I may not have stumbled upon Once Upon A Time and Mary Margaret’s hair.  
Oh, the hair.

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