hammock love.

9 Sep
I bought a new hammock.
My Mexico Mission hammock has gotten me far – five years or so – and it is a lovely hammock.  It made me fall in love with swinging and napping and reading without touching the ground.  But it’s hard to take places.  And difficult to hang properly.  And sometimes you get all stuck in the wovenness of it all. 
When a deal for a Green Armadillo hammock came up on LivingSocial, I sprung for it.  It’s actually marketed as a hammock for backpackers; pack this hammock instead of a tent.  I’m not sure I’ll go that far but it is perfect for an afternoon in the backyard, taking on vacation, or anywhere else.  It weighs less than two pounds, folds up into itself, and comes with all the rope needed to hang it.  Pretty swift.

I hung it up for the first time tonight.  At first, I was quite skeptical.  I didn’t think it was quite as comfortable as my other one but then I discovered one can comfortably lay in the hammock on one’s side the short way [in addition to the standard long way].  Super wonderful!  No longer skeptical.  I’m sold.
And it’s huge.  It’s a double.  A hammock for two.  Come on over!

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