seven things you should know.

18 Sep
1. I painted an upstairs bedroom palm leaf.  It was a gross green.  A new color and four coats of paint later, now it’s painted asparagus.  
2. I painted an upstairs bedroom because it will become my craft room.  Former craft room is now exclusively a spare bedroom.  Come visit!
3. My mom was here.  She brought me a bed for the now aptly named spare bedroom.
4. Mom and I spent a full day in the cities.  We went to the Junk Bonanza and IKEA and spent much money.  My list of current household projects is now very long.
5. I’m on vacation this week.  Thus far I’ve painted, done laundry, cleaned, watched too many episodes of White Collar, and slept.
6. I leave tomorrow morning for a two-night stay in northern WI at a resort in the woods with my friend Kate.  It shall be fun.
7. I tried the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks again, really feeling like I should like it.  Verdict?  I still don’t.

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