22 Oct
I feel like I needed to come back to Austin to rest up.  From vacation.  It was a busy one.
Vacation got a late start.  Originally, I was going to drive home to Wisconsin on Saturday morning but then MasterChef excitement entered the equation.  I was going to go home Saturday night but then MasterChef excitement continued through Monday.  [which meant church at ROG went on Sunday morning as Mabel and I hid in the parsonage, pretending we weren’t there.]  It was late Monday night when I finally stepped foot at my mom’s on Aarback Road and it was for the last time.
Going home meant staying at this home [where my family has been since I was 16] for the last time.  My mom has sold the house and is in the process of building another.  The current home must be moved out of by mid-November.  The future home will not be done until mid-December.  My mom is moving into my grandparent’s for the month of limbo and that means I am homeless when I drive home for thanksgiving.  [There’s a couch out there somewhere with my name on it.]
It was super crazy and weird to stay for the last time in this house.  I’ve moved enough in my life to not be super attached to locations or houses, but this place was still home for the last 12 years.  Super weird.  But seeing the skeleton of the new house come together was exciting too.  And seeing my mom excited about it makes me excited.  All will be well.
So there was that.  And there was hurriedly finishing a baby quilt for Banana, Kim, as I went to her baby shower on Saturday before driving back to MN.  [I was in such a rush to finish it and wrap it for the shower that I forgot to take a picture of it!  It was chevron stripe-y in cream, brown, red, green, blue, and polka dots.  Super cute, if-I-don’t-say-so-myself.]  There was a movie night with Aunt Kari and cousin Molly.  We had family over one evening for dinner since my brothers from Appleton and Alaska were home too.  Alaska brother taught us a new card game – Sheepshead.  Super complicated and fun.  Visiting all sorts of family and friends and beginning to reread Harry Potter rounded out the all-too-fast week.
We didn’t see this.  Pitch Perfect was the movie of choice.

Look at this little man with huge eyes!  A banana baby.

Molly and I colored with cousins Logan and Kennedy.  We created a combination sheep and buddy.  [A compromise made because Lindsay can’t make sheep faces.]


Baby shower for Kim and Mike!  As indicated by glass in bottom left corner, there was much wine at said shower.

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