wacky dreams.

29 Oct
I feel like I’m living in wacko-dreamland lately.  I wake up with odd inclinations towards obscure storylines that were reality to my dream self.  I figure some of these dreams – dreams of hostage situations, spying on people, trying to access information off of another’s laptop – are induced by my joy in rewatching the television show Alias.  All Alias-like situations.  Other dreams of long-lost friends contacting me, joining parties, and shopping together I figure are all indications that I miss my long-lost friends!  It’s been an odd combination of waking up at 2am freaked out and lovely dream conversations with friends.  Strange indeed.
Not a dream?  The phone call I just received from Los Angeles.  Hi, this is so-and-so from MasterChef.  Just checking in – we still haven’t received your home video.  Um, hi.  I thought I had only those first three days to complete it.  That was two weeks ago.  Please just disqualify me.  If you were to get it in today, it could still be in time.  What?!  There was a twinge of excitement … but then I realized I had a full slate at work, that I still didn’t want to cook and plate an impressive meal, and I still don’t want to be a MasterChef.  I told him I was bowing out.  He seemed really confused by it.  Oh, okay. Have a nice day.  You too, sir.  You too.

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