the glory of skype.

16 Dec
I didn’t preach today.  The children and youth of Red Oak Grove shared the gospel message instead.  They did a wonderful job dressed as both the conventional nativity characters and the unconventional [spider, rooster, and lightning bug].
It was quite wonderful because I was able to do a little no-sermon dance all of last week.  It especially took the pressure off of my Saturday, when, if I’m not writing a sermon, I’m still anxious about it and rereading/rewriting into the evening.  Yesterday afternoon, I undertook a couple batches of sugar cookies [which I always regret about one hour into the project] and spent about five hours on skype.
Five hours or at least close to it.  Do you know how awesome skype is?  I got to video chat and meet cutie pies, Harper and Hannah – two twin girls who must really give their parents a run for their money.  They are just about a month old and I’m excited to meet them as they turn two months old.  [Train trip to Montana with Paige in January?  Heck yeah.  The plans are in the works!]  
I met H&H and chatted with their oh-so-tired parents, and then I skyped with Joe and Amanda in Texas for right around three hours.  Three hours.  It totally didn’t seem like that long.  They were mixing cookies, they propped me up on their kitchen counter, and I felt like I was right there with them.  They’re coming back to WI for part of the holiday and I invited myself over to Seymour [the hamburger capital] for a sleepover.  I’m pretty excited for it.
Moral of the story:  Skype is pretty great.  My friends in Montana and Texas are awesome.  I’m excited to see all of them in the course of the next couple months!

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