12 Feb

[Joy.]  Ministry is hard.

I’m reminded of that this week more than ever.  It’s not any one thing in particular.  It’s prepping for Lent.  It’s congregational reports taking more time than I want them to take.  It’s realizing on Tuesday that I won’t get a weekend this week.  It’s having more people on my to-visit list than I can feasibly actually visit.  It’s two sermons a week for the next six weeks.  It’s organizing youth for a lock-in and acolyting and Lenten suppers.  This isn’t new stuff and it’s not unique-to-me stuff.  But it’s hard, and the difficulty is striking a new chord this week.

And so, in times like this, I look for joy.  I need a little joy this week.  Okay – I need a lot of joy this week.  Here is where I’m finding mine; where are you finding yours?

Featured photo: First grade Valentine’s art work adorn the halls in Blooming Prairie.  I love it.

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