Goodnight, Irene.

25 Feb

[Goodnight, Irene.]  I feel like I owe you all a life update.  Life is crazy, she says again.  That’s like my life refrain.  Sing with me –

Wednesday night Lenten service.  Funeral.  Sunday worship.  Funeral.  Wednesday night Lenten service.  Funeral.  Sunday worship.

Did you sing it?  I did in my head – probably more in the genre of screaming Pink than anything orchestral and collected.  You may sense a pattern but it was not on repeat for the musical integrity of the song.  That’s my week beginning last Wednesday.  Worship service – funeral – worship service – funeral – worship service – funeral – worship service.  In a matter of ten days.

So that’s where I’ve been and will continue to be for the next five days.  I’m already exhausted.  In other news —

Sunday was a beautiful morning.  See the featured photo above for proof.

I hosted a Luther College outreach team on Saturday night.  They helped with worship and Sunday School.  It reminded me of how awesome college was and the great friends and memories I made while on an outreach team there.  They were super great young adults; it was fun to eat supper with them and have people in my house.

At the funeral lunch this past Saturday, I ended up sitting next to a member.  An older member.  [Early to mid-60s I would guess.]  The man across the table asked us if we were married.  #awkward.

Here’s how the first part of my tonight went: Turn on television to watch The Bachelor.   Television suddenly receive NO television stations.  No Bachelor for me tonight.  Turn on an episode of something on Netflix.  Begin to eat supper while watching.  Phone rings.  Answer phone.  Hang up phone.  Sit back down, restart episode, begin to eat again.  Cell phone rings.  Seriously?  [Everytime I answer the phone now, I internally say to myself, “Please let no one have died.  Please let no one have died.” Three funerals in a week is plenty.]

The night continues with me falling asleep at the keyboard while I type this post.  I think it’s time for bed.  Goodnight, Irene.

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