Friday Favorites.

3 May

As this post is published, I am in northern Wisconsin on a retreat for first call pastors.  It’s likely that – despite the rain and snow and cold temperatures that are threatened – I will be enjoying the wilderness of Heartwood once again.  And the good company of first call pastors.  While I’m away, here’s a round-up of my favorites:

I want to crawl up inside of these and live.  How gorgeous and delicious do these spring vegetable potstickers look?  I’ve never made potstickers.  I think it’s time to try.

This great article about God’s plan for us and whether it’s as if we are following written directions or a GPS.  [Recalculating.  Recalculating.]

Pretzel.  Toffee.  Chocolate.  Brownies.  Peanut butter.  This has all of the sweetest trigger words.

If I had an ice cream maker

I want to do this.  Buy three mismatched, well used wooden chairs and paint them.  It’s unfortunate that  the 100 mile garage sale is happening this weekend while I’m retreating.  And this weekend while it’s cold and snowy.  IN MAY.

More favorite things?  My confirmation students.  Again.  Wednesday night was a deep, awesome night of digging into deep questions and asking more of them.  I blew their mind when we talked about Jesus returning.  One kid literally had his hands on his head as he rocked back and forth.  I think to keep his blown brain inside his skull.

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